Our mission is to become the dream of many couples into real to achieve parenthood, by developing personalized solutions for couples with fertility problems to have a baby.MEPROlife Team
Nerea Subiran Jose Manuel Orcasitas Juan Carlos Cantalapiedra
LinkedIn logo Nerea Subirán, PhD
Foundress and CEO
LinkedIn logo Jose Manuel Orcasitas, MB
Bussiness development
LinkedIn logo Juan Carlos Cantalapiedra, MB
Bussiness development
Sandra Garcia Ainize Odriozola Sergio Martin
LinkedIn logo Sandra García, PhD
LinkedIn logo Ainize Odriozola, JD
Clinical project manager
LinkedIn logo Sergio Martín, PhD
Product development manager
Yosu Franco Cristina Campos
LinkedIn logo Yosu Franco, PhD
LinkedIn logo Cristina Campos
Quality control manager

Advisory board

Donatello C
LinkedIn logo Donatello Castellana, PhD MB
Bussiness advisor
LinkedIn logo Roberto Matorras, Prof. MD
Scientific advisor