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The problem

The male fertile statute is currently assessed by seminograma analyses, following the recommendations established by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the seminogram, based on morphological and physiological parameter, presents certain limitations since the 20%-30% of the men with normal parameters have impaired fertility ability and inability to achieve pregnancy. It is therefore clear that more sophisticated functional testing as well as the development of new sperm diagnostic/selection technologies are urgently required.
In fact, since the first test-tube baby was born 50 years ago, Assisted Reproduction Treatments have evolved introducing substantial improvements in the protocols related to oocytes extraction and embryo quality. However, the sperm selection is carried out since 50 years ago, therefore, there is still a large percentage of improvement in this field.

The solution

Novel molecular sperm selection strategy to improve assisted reproductive treatments’ success.

We are developing a medical device that provides a simultaneously dual sperm selection Based on:
  • Physiological characteristics: selection based on the intrinsic sperm motility ability that eliminates immotile or reduced motility sperm cells.

  • Molecular characteristics: a patented molecular selection developed by our team based on a biomarker, which selects human spermatozoa with higher fertile capacity.

Human spermatozoa with the highest properties will be selected at the end of this dual selection, providing an increase the blastocyst rate, embryo quality and, in consequence, the gestational success rate.
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  • Effective We prevent sperm DNA damage and fragmentation

  • Simple We develop a rapid and simple methodology designed for facilitating the embriologist work.

  • Economic An economical method with a few impact on the overall treatment cost.